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Strong minds and bodies create happy, sexy confident women

We are women who you can be yourself around and share your story with while building confidence through strength training and mindset skills

The program encourages


We believe that when you are raw, open and authentic in our community this fosters true connection.


We believe that when women explore themselves in a safe and trusted environment and share their hearts then empathy is created.


We believe that being more curious instead of judgmental is the way to connect with other women. We seek to understand each other's differences.

What is MindStrength for Women?

We know that women often lack confidence and a belief about who they are because they don't feel seen or heard. We know women are searching for connection in a safe place to feel accepted and to just be themselves. How do you feel when you are questioning your value, hiding your true self, and feeling like you’re not enough?

At MindStrength for Women we invite women into our conversations to come as they are, flawed and messy. We help women achieve fulfillment by getting curious, cultivating confidence and connection through meaningful conversations and questions so that they can completely be free to be themselves and believe that they are stronger than they think.

We are a community of women who you can be yourself around and share your story with.

We do this because we believe that strong minds and bodies create happy, sexy confident women.


Benefits to the program are:

Learn how to instill confidence from within and recognize your intrinsic value.

You are given tools and resources to reach a state of wholeness

Learn about different ways to take care of yourself and learn new ways to move your body.

What does the program look like? 

The MindStrength for Women program is a 3 month program where you will attend a weekly classes for 2 hours.

Think of it as group therapy/book club/study group/exercise class/girls night out combined into one but so much more depth to share and to discuss based off a question.

We will begin with a workout the first part of class to move our body and introduce you to new ways to move your body. Then move into the mindset portion of the program which is designed to help you rethink your questions from a judgement perspective to a curious perspective to learn more deeper about who you are.

The MindStrength for Women program helps create change, emotion and beliefs about who you are and your potential through movement and mentoring. So in a group environment you will recognize that you are not alone in your stories, thoughts and incorrect beliefs about who you are and are guided by strong, confident women who give you tools to build that sexy confidence.


Do you enjoy weekends away?

I do! Want to go even deeper than just meeting once a week? This experience is held each month in St. George, Utah and is a judgment-free, intimate with only 5 other women, 3 full day experience. This getaway is designed for women who are in transition or who are seeking connection and support for whatever they may be struggling with or suffering from.

Click below to see if this is an experience you are open to.






Interested in becoming a mentor yourself?

Are you ready to facilitate your own group fo women while you level up your belief in yourself while you learn the tools and skills of the MindStrength for Women's program?

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