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Strong minds and bodies create happy, confident tween girls

Building confidence in tween girls through movement and mindset skills

The tween program encourages


We believe that young girls at this age have a strong passion for learning and we want to foster that by introducting new topics into their mind to further their progression.


We believe that these girls are strong and capable and are exactly where they need to be but we'd like to just add more fuel to the fire.


We believe that the feeling that you belong is most important and modeling that belonging is crititcal at this age as they are creating deeper friendships.

What is MindStrength for Tweens?

At MindStrength for Tweens we believe parents want to keep that childlike spark alive in their daughters. But as they create friendships outside the home some tweens begin to step outside of themselves and begin to model what their friends are doing.

Thus begins the journey of these tween girls losing themselves and just becoming a follower not a leader in most cases.

The MindStrength for Tweens program was developed to help create change and emotion and beliefs about who they are and their potential through movement and mentoring.

In a group environment the girls get to recognize that they are not alone in their thoughts and incorrect beliefs about who they are and are guided by strong, confident women who give them tools to build confidence.

We do this because we believe thatĀ strong minds and bodies create happy, confident tween girls.


Benefits to the tween program are:

Learn how to express your feelings and not have to hide what you're trying to say

Learn how to recognize what makes you who you are and practice tools at a young age to set you up for everyday happiness

Learn about different ways to take care of your body and be introduced to new ways to move.

What tweens have to say about the MindStrength for Tweens program....

Three Part SeriesĀ 

Click to on image to learn more about each of these three series. Each series covers 6 topics over the course of 6 weeks. Each girl will re-enroll to move onto the next series until she has finished all 3.
So your daughter could get mentoring and coaching up to 18 weeks.


When you register your daughter with one of our mentors here is what she will get:

  • Workbook with a Journal
  • Introduction to new ways to exercise and move her body
  • Introduced to guest speakers on various topics througout the series
  • and last but not least meet new friends!


What parents have to say about the MindStrength for Tweens program....

"My daughter was able to be apart of this class. I knew it would be good, but reading what my daughter wrote and hearing what she had to say about her experience makes me realize how much potential it has for good."

Rachel S.


"I had heard of the MindStrength for Girls and wanted my daughter to participate, but she is only 11. I was quick to sign my daughter up when the MindStrength for Tweens launched. My daughter went through the Core & Confidence series and I can see a difference in her confidence. She has tried things she had wanted to do, like a backbend, but never thought she could do it. I love seeing her set her own goals and working toward achieving that goal. She has also started to focus on her health and fitness in a positive way. I would recommend this program to any tween girl."

Rachael M.


As seen on TV.....

Interested in becoming a tween mentor yourself?

Are you ready to level up your belief in yourself while you learn the tools and skills of the MindStrength for Girls and Tweens program?

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