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MindStrength for Girls Workshop

Monthly workshops for teen girls to deepen their learning and take positive action

The MindStrength for Girls workshops are designed to be educational and engaging and cover a variety of topics catered to 12-18 year old girls. The girls will learn tangible tools and strategies in order to increase their self confidence and learn daily practices they will contiune at home. These workshops are a balance of direct presentation from guest speakers with individual participation and also include physical movement as we learn and practice various workout modalities.

The Details

Date: Saturday, April 30, 2022

Time: 1- 4 pm

Location: Lehi, Utah

Topic:   Relationships with Boys

Included: Snacks, workshop supplies, and instructor led workout.

April - Relationships with Boys

This particular workshop is all about boys and what you need to know about them. How to figure them out, how to talk to them, and how to become friends with them. Come and hear from the boys themselves! I will have a willing panel of boys attending this workshop so you can ask them questions.

Why these workshops were created.

Teen girls have a hard enough time navigating life. When you add in all the pressures from social media, unprecedented exposure to unrealistic body image, cyber bullying, and more it's not hard to see why many have a difficult time loving themselves as they are.

A few years ago I began searching for consistent experiences for my own teen daughters to help them recognize their unique talents and worth, while building their resilience and self worth, detached from outside expectations or validation from boys or even adults. As I searched, I wasn't able to find what I wanted - a monthly program that would touch on specific topics around confidence building and resilience, so I created my own program.

The MindStrength for Girls Workshops give girls ages 12 to 18 the opportunity to spend intentional time in a fun, safe, and intimate environment developing lifelong friendships and increasing their awareness about who they are and what they enjoy. The daily habits and practices taught reinforce their inherit value and worth and help them to find confidence from within vs seeking outside approval or validation.

Each month we cover a new topic here is what's coming up.......


Mental Health

Mental health awareness is the recognition that our psychological well-being is an important part of our own health, productivity, and happiness, as well as the well-being of our communities.

What teens have to say about the MindStrength for Girls workshops....

"I was able to go to a MindStrength for Girls workshop and it was so much more then I expected. I walked in the door not knowing what was going to happen but right as we started talking, doing a workout, and learning about ourselves and the other girls in there, I knew I needed to be there. We were able to grow and learn and have questions answered as well as doing a killer workout that just made me feel stronger than I thought I was, all in a fun, loving environment. The workshops are all on different but important subjects every month and every time there is so much to learn. If I'm being honest, life is hard. So if you get a chance sign up do it because you might just make a couple new friends and learn how to make life just a little bit easier." - Jane Hope

Workshop Series Punch Pass

We would love to have you come consistently each month to our workshops. They will be held on the FIRST Saturday of each month from 1-4pm.

You can purchase a punch pass for all 5 workshops at a discounted rate on the registration page.

Registration ends soon!

Interested but can't make it this time?  Get on the list!

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