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MindStrength for Girls Retreat

A week long retreat for teen girls that teaches them to Stand Up, Stand Out and Stand Strong.

Stand Up, Stand Out, Stand Strong

"Stand Up. Stand Out. Stand Strong." will be the theme of the retreat. Each word there has a significance to the coaching they will receive as well as the activities they will experience. Each girl will return home more fully prepared to embrace her strengths and ready to face her challenges with renewed courage and optimism.

Stand Up

Stand Up means no stifling or suppressing who you are because we all are meant to stand up and shine a little brighter.

Stand Out

Stand Out means allowing your emotions and what you are experiencing to surface. See and be seen. Hear and be heard.

Stand Strong

Stand Strong means to protect yourself. Take control over your personal power, don't let others take it from you.

Why was this retreat created?

Teen girls have a hard enough time navigating life. Now add in all the pressures from social media and friendships in general into the mix and their self-esteem plummets. As a mom I began searching for experiences for my daughters to have during the summers because of the weird year they have had. I wanted to find something that would touch on specific topics around confidence building and resilience. But couldn't find one so.......I created my own!

The MindStrength for Girls Retreat gives girls ages 12 to 18 the opportunity to spend intentional time in a fun, safe, and intimate environment developing lifelong friendships and increasing their awareness about who they are.

The Details

Dates: June 21st-June 25th

Location: Saint George, Utah

Group Size: 18 girls per session

Food/Lodging: All-inclusive food plus snacks and lodging in a comfortable home during your 4 full day experience.

Why Join us?

Safe & Small Enviornment

 MindStrength for Girls Retreat provides a well-supervised experience. Each day is full of a range of activities. With their mentor, participants will meet in smaller groups out in nature, make crafts, offer service, have fun, and simply enjoy time learning and growing with their group.


Friendship is a foundation of the MindStrength for Girls retreat. There is nothing that can replace getting to know similar-age girls who find they are each dealing with similar challenges and life experiences. Time spent together is sure to unite and create long-lasting friends – many of who will be there long after the retreat has ended.


From the first afternoon to the final experience together, fun is a common strand that will run through their week at MindStrength for Girls. Cool, unique experiences in nature, a variety of group activities, energetic mentors, service, evening activities and so much more can come together to make their week at the retreat the best of their year – year after year!

Team of Mentors

Your daughter will be put into a group. They will have plenty of solo time to reconnect with themselves, one-on-one time with their own personal mentor, time with a small group they will be assigned to, and time with the entire group.

We have an incredible team of mentors who will be at the retreat with us at all times. It's also a fairly small retreat so we will be able to keep track of the girls at all times. Every mentor will be a female and will go through an in-depth training before working with the girls.

Registration closes soon!

Who This is For

  • Girls who want to experience self-discovery.
  • Girls that are willing to share their story in an intimate, safe group.
  • Girls who are compassionate, kind, and allow a safe space for others.
  • Girls who want to meet new people and experience new activities as a group.
  • Girls who can care for their individual needs.
  • Girls who follow directions and participate in program activities.

This is Not For

  • Those who aren't ready to be open to change.
  • Those who are rude, judgemental, and condemning of others' journey or mistakes.
  • Those who aren't curious to know the cause of why you keep doing what you're doing and get no results.

Dates don't work or the spots sold out?


This retreat will not be like your typical sports or church camps and we do that on purpose. In addition to making new friendships, the girls will engage in group team-building activities, listen to guest speakers, and participate in nature activities, service and other hands on activities during the retreat.

What you get:

  • A 4-day one-of-a-kind transformational experience in a comfortable home.
  • All inclusive food/snacks - We are happy to accomodate any dietary needs. Please let us know.
  • Group discussions in this small and intimate group of 4-5 girls with an adult woman mentor.
  • Guest speakers
  • Hiking/Repelling
  • Water activities
  • Sound Bath experience
  • Mindset and healing exercises
  • Photoshoot
  • Pool relaxation time
  • Gifts


  • Can my almost 12 year old come?

    Girls can be 11, but should be 12 years old by December 31, 2021 and should be no more than 18 years old.

  • What kinds of food will you serve?

    Breakfast can include:

    • Smoothies
    • Granola, yogurt and fresh berries
    • Eggs (made any way)
    • Oatmeal
    • Avocado Toast
    • Pancakes/Waffles

    Lunch/Dinner can include:

    • A variety of salads
    • Grain bowls
    • Hamburgers/Hot Dogs
    • Potato Bar
    • Bean Burritos
    • Chicken Salad Sandwiches
    • Cheese and Cracker boards
    • Gourmet Mac n Cheese
  • What will the sleeping arrangments be like?

    Your daughter be sharing a room between 3-6 girls and will be constantly supervised in an assigned group that will include an adult mentor.​ If you have a friend you will be coming with and want to room with please let us know

  • What should I pack?

    Here are suggested items to pack for sure then you can decide whatever else you'll want to bring:

    • Outfit for 4 days
    • Exercise clothing and proper shoes
    • Outfit for the photoshoot
    • Swimsuit (we will provide the towels)
    • Sunscreen
    • Hygiene items - feminine, toothbrush, deodorant, sham/cond, face wash, etc.
    • Reusable water bottle
    • PJ's
    • Snacks
    • Prescriptions/Medications
    • Hat
    • Sweater/Jacket
    • Journal/Pens
    • Yoga Mat
  • What do I need to wear for the photoshoot?

    Whatever you feel amazing in. Pick out that outfit and color that screams you!

  • Do you allow phones?

    Phones are allowed at retreat, but we will encourage the kids to only use them at specific times. We want them to take pictures and capture their experience at retreat. Wi-fi will be available to them. If you are concerned about it, you can share that concern with us and we will come up with a plan you feel comfortable with. 

  • Do you have a discipline policy?

    Yes we have a "three strikes you're out" policy. We will give the girls two warnings before we call parents to come pick up. We can't let anyone negatively taint the experience for the other girls.


"When women come together and share vulnerably, laugh, and dance together like no one is watching, lift each other up, be a reflection and soundboard for each other, teach one another by sharing our gifts, connecting with deep and meaningful conversations... magic happens."

Katie S.


Registration ends soon!

Interested in attending another time? Get on the list!

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