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Strong minds and bodies create happy, confident girls

Building confidence in teen girls through strength training and mindset skills

The program encourages


We believe in educating these girls to think differently and to open their minds to what's possible to further their progression.


We believe that these girls are strong and capable and are exactly where they need to be.


We believe that the feeling that you belong is most important in seeing value in life and others.

What is MindStrength for Girls?

At MindStrength for Girls we believe parents are searching for help in strengthening their teen girls self-esteem.  How do you feel when you see your daughter questioning her value, hiding her true self, and feeling like she’s not enough?

It’s heartbreaking to witness your daughter not recognize her true potential and value even though you see it and no matter how many times you tell her, she doesn't believe you.

The MindStrength for Girls program was developed to help create change and emotion and beliefs about who they are and their potential through movement and mentoring. In a group environment the girls get to recognize that they are not alone in their thoughts and incorrect beliefs about who they are and are guided by strong, confident women who give them tools to build confidence.

We do this because we believe that strong minds and bodies create happy, confident girls.


As seen on TV.....

Just a few benefits to the program are:

Express your feelings and be open and not have to hide what you're trying to say

Learn how to deal with your anxiety and overcoming difficult tasks

Learn about different ways to take care of yourself and have a good attitude

We provide a three part series 

Click an image below to learn more about each of these three series. Each series covers 12 topics over the course of 6-12 weeks. Each girl will re-enroll to move onto the next series until she has finished all 3.

When you register your daughter with one of our mentors here is what she will get:

  • Workbook with a Journal
  • Introduction to new ways to exercise and move her body along with new trainers
  • Mentored by our certified MindStrength for Girls mentor
  • Introduced to guest speakers on various topics througout the series
  • and last but not least meet new friends!



What parents have to say about the MindStrength for Girls program....

"I am so grateful that my daughters were able to attend this class. The skills that their mentors taught them are irreplaceable. My daughters learned that they can not only be physically strong, but mentally strong as well. I have seen them learn trust and use their bodies physically, and the mental strategies that Sarah taught have helped them become more confident. I cannot recommend this program enough."

Stephanie N.


"Two of my daughters participated in MindStrength for Girls. They both learned a lot about mindset, feeling comfortable in their own skin and how to prioritize themselves physically and emotionally.They both feel confident walking into a gym and knowing what to do with different equipment safely. The coaches made my girls feel safe and supported and I would highly recommend this program to all teenage girls."

Jamie O.


What teens have to say about the MindStrength for Girls program....

"This program has helped us girls improve in all aspects of our lives. I'm personally grateful for it because it has helped me to become the person I am striving to become. It’s taught me alot about mental, physical and emotional health. I’ve been able to create better connections not only with myself but with the other girls in the class. So I’m just really grateful for the program."

Olivia O.


"I really enjoyed this program because it gave me a much bigger perspective on who I am and what I can become. In this program you really focus on your physical and mental well being. It was super interesting and fun trying all the different kinds of exercise and it taught me to be more open minded about how I work out. The mental aspect of the program was probably the most valuable. With being in a group of girls, I was able to recognize the similar insecurities we all had and it taught me a lot about myself. I definitely got plenty of take away lessons from this program that I can use in the future and having a personalized journal is nice too for if I ever want to refresh my memory. Last, it was fun. The trainers were amazing, the girls were kind and funny, and I've made a couple friends I'm definitely going to stay in contact with."

Emilee S.


Watch and hear what parents and teens share about their experience

Want more than our weekly program?

We offer other opportunities for your teen's growth through our girl's nights and a 3 hour workshop once a month along with the summer week long retreat.

Interested in becoming a mentor yourself?

Are you ready to level up your belief in yourself while you learn the tools and skills of the MindStrength for Girls program?

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