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MindStrength for Girls

Girl's Night

Once a month on a friday night we will gather the community of girls for a free fabulous night of fun!

The MindStrength for Girls community thrives on creating opportunities for teens to gather, have fun and make memories and meet new friends. Each month we will host a community wide FREE girl's night which will be held on the THIRD Friday of each month. The location will change each month depending on the activity.

The Details

Activity: Video Challenge

Date: Friday, Feb 11th

Time: 4-6 pm

Location: 2871 N Augusta Dr, Lehi

The Girl's Night activities may include:

Dancing at the Park

We will have a DJ come and we will dance the night away at a community park.

Photoshoot Downtown

Get all glammed up and head to downtown SLC for a photoshoot in the city.

Video Challenge

Laughing Yoga

We will divide up the girls into groups and they will have a list of items they will need to add into the making of their own music video.

Yes, it's a real thing and I am so excited for the girls to experience this activity.

and many others!

Let's grow our community

I'm sure it would be nice to know some people outside of your school boundaries or communities, right? Well with the growth of this program expanding across the state you will meet some new faces at these types of free events. So bring your friends and let's introduce one another and build a community of connection among you teen girls.

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