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Just Be

A 3-day Transformational Experience for Women to experience Healing, Connection, & Friendship

What is this experience going to be like?

As women we often feel isolated and alone in our challenges. We are weighed down by our labels, obligations and expectations. We wonder when we will ever have time to address this deep pain. There is no space or time in the current structure of our lives to heal.

At the Just Be experience we offer a judgment-free space of curiosity and creation. This experience helps us see we are not alone and we can relax into ourselves and explore the unexplored parts of ourselves. Much of our suffering and struggles are hidden from the world but are commonly the things other women struggle with and suffer from too. As we elevate our way of being, we foster a community of women who support each other and celebrate our uniqueness, rather than compare and tear down. 

As a result from this 3-day transformational experience you will return home feeling empowered, supported, full, and rejuvenated having experienced healing, connection and friendship.

This experience will provide

Self Discovery

Gently and compassionately shed labels and layers at your own pace to reveal who you are at your core.


Through mentoring and gentle guidance, we offer you a space in which you can relax, tell your story and find yourself.


“The wound is where the light comes in.” By shedding light on our pain, we invite healing and open the door to creating a new story that brings us peace and joy.

Registration closes soon!

Who This is For

  • Women who want to experience self-discovery.
  • Women that are willing to be authentic and share their story in an intimate, safe group.
  • Women who are compassionate, kind, and allow a safe space for others.
  • Women who don't hide behind social and cultural norms.
  • Women who are curious and open to alternative modes of healing.

This is Not For

  • Those who aren't ready to be open, vulnerable, and experience healing and change.
  • Those who are rude, judgemental, and condemning of others' journey or mistakes.
  • Those who aren't curious to discover the root cause of their painful life patterns.
  • Those who are afraid of "out of the box" thinking to create change and solve problems.

What is the Just Be experience?

The Details:


Feb 24-27

Mar 24-27

Apr 21-24

Location: Saint George, Utah

Group Size: 5 Women per Group

Food/Lodging: All-inclusive food plus snacks and lodging in a comfortable home during your 3 full day experience.

The Process of Becoming You

Be Present

Being Present means allowing your emotions and what you are experiencing to surface. See and be seen. Hear and be heard. Allow true processing of your story to unfold over your 3-day experience with us.

Be You

Being You means no stifling or suppressing who you are. We create a safe environment to relax into your true self, to express the inner dialogue that you rarely have shared. Speak free knowing that those listening have compassion and understanding. Explore and understand the unexplored parts of yourself on a deep level.

Be Connected

This journey is experienced with other women who bring their wisdom, their compassion, their life experience, and their understanding. As guides, we provide support, activities, and coaching which lead to a deep emotional connection with those whom you get to experience these three days.

What you get:

  • A 3-day one-of-a-kind transformational experience in St. George, Utah.
  • All inclusive food/snacks - We are happy to accomodate any dietary needs. Please let us know.
  • Group discussions in this small and intimate group of 5 women
  • One-on-one coaching, healing, and personal time with Sarah & Suzy
  • Mindset and healing exercises
  • Self-care night
  • Education and healing with food
  • Walks/gentle hikes
  • Daily meditation
  • Reiki session
  • Foot detox bath
  • Pool/Sauna relaxation time
  • Photoshoot
  • Gifts


This experience will not be like your typical retreat or girls weekend getaway and we do that on purpose. The experience isn't fully structured according to an agenda and timetable. We want this experience to grow organically and intentionally with NO expectations but to come and Just Be. But there are things you can look forward to in this experience. We will schedule time for the intuitive massage or Reiki session, one-on-one coaching, and sharing our stories.

Dates don't work or the spots sold out?


We Take The Risk!

We are so confident in the healing and connection that you will experience with the environment we create during this 3 full day transformational experience that if you leave feeling that you didn't experience healing, connection, and friendship, simply let us know and we'll refund you 100% of your money. No fine print. No hassle.


What other women have to say about the "Just Be" 3-Day Transformational Experience

"Connection with other women, as a woman, is vital. I talk to so many women who say they have struggled to find their “tribe” as they have gotten older and entered into motherhood. I know I have felt that way. I think it’s especially difficult if a woman doesn’t work outside the home, live close to family, or attend the local church (especially in Utah). I know for myself the road felt really lonely even though it looked like I was surrounded by people. I kept saying, I just want to find “my people” that I could be 100% myself around and completely vulnerable with, without feeling judged. I have known Sarah for years and have counted her as an authentic friend, but it wasn’t until she pulled together women whom she knew would all benefit and learn from each other, that I really got to know her. Sarah has a way of drawing people to her and then creating situations where there is safe and organic connection. It was through her that I met Suzy who within the first few minutes of meeting, knew was a “come as you are” friend. These two women together have made it their mission to create connections for women and there are no two other women in whom I have more confidence to do just that."

Kari A.


"I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend Just Be! I have needed support and understanding from women who I could be open with. I loved spending time with women who could “sit with me” in my struggles in a safe and loving environment. We were able to share our lives and experiences with each other. I went not knowing a few of the ladies and left with amazing new friendships. I left this weekend with a greater love and patience for myself. I have more confidence in the future and my ability to handle difficult trials. Having this time to leave everything behind at home and focus on my emotional needs was everything I have needed. I’m so grateful for these beautiful, amazing women. I highly recommend Just Be and I look forward to attending again! "

Amy W.


"When women come together and share vulnerably, laugh, and dance together like no one is watching, lift each other up, be a reflection and soundboard for each other, teach one another by sharing our gifts, connecting with deep and meaningful conversations... magic happens."

Katie S.


"As women we need each other. We need to speak up. Tell our stories and share our fears. Discuss our doubts. Truly listen. This weekend has been absolutely incredible. A true reset and recharge. We came together not knowing each other and leaving as sisters. Time away from the everyday routine and just breathing is what I needed. We are here together at this time in this exact place for a reason, these women were given to me for a reason."

Shae K.



  • When I tell my story what does that look like?

    Each woman will have 30 minutes to share:

    • What significant events or circumstances brought you to this point in your life right now?
    • What has caused you pain?
    • How do you want your story to evolve?
    • What things happened in your life story that you didn't expect?
  • What is a Reiki session?

    This is a relaxing form of energy work that is both physical and spiritual. All you need to do is just settle into the experience and relax. At the end of the session you may feel lighter, more peaceful, and at ease with yourself and your life. This session lasts 50 minutes.

  • What can I expect from the self-care night?

    This is an opportunity for you to nurture and care for yourself. Our self-care night can include any of the following:

    • Dry, infrared sauna
    • Night Swimming
    • Detox Foot Bath
    • Facial Mask and Facial Massage
    • Affirmations Exercise
    • Emotion Release Exercise
  • What kinds of food will you serve?

    Breakfast can include:

    • Fresh celery juice (optional)
    • Smoothies
    • Homemade granola, yogurt and fresh berries
    • Eggs (made any way) with homemade sourdough bread
    • Chia Coconut Pudding
    • Herbal Tea/Coffee/Decaf Coffee

    Lunch/Dinner can include:

    • A variety of salads
    • Grain bowls
    • Meals from local restaurants (Healthy options are available)
    • Depending upon the needs and interests of the group, we gauge where and what we eat.
  • What do I need to wear for the photoshoot?

    Whatever you feel amazing in. Pick out that outfit and color that screams you!

  • What should I pack?

    Here are suggested items to pack for sure then you can decide whatever else you'll want to bring:

    • Comfortable clothes to sit around in
    • Exercise clothing and proper shoes
    • Outfit for the photoshoot
    • Swimsuit (we will provide the towels)
    • Sunscreen
    • Hygiene items

Meet your Guides


Suzanne Jensen

Suzanne is a dedicated life-long learner, who learns with a mind to teach others. She grew up playing any sport involving a ball and currently plays tennis and coed softball. She is a certified health coach through the Health Coach Institute and loves to help people of all ages make easy adjustments to living a healthier, more vibrant life. She is a single mom of 5 amazing kids.


Sarah Chapman

Sarah is an author, speaker, and mindset coach for teen girls and women. She is known for her great listening skills and is an optmistic dreamer who loves to plan. She likes demonstrating and teaching others that life is an enjoyable gift. Sarah is a lifelong learner and has dramatically changed her own life through self-improvement literature, coaches, and trainings. She’s a Kettlebell and TRX trainer at her gym and also runs Mindstrength for Girls, a strength and confidence-building program for teen girls.

Registration ends soon!

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