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Shawna Parker

Provo, Utah


I have been married to Jason Parker for 31 years and we have 7 children (one girl and six boys)My youngest are 16 year old triplet boys. I am originally from Macon, Georgia. I originally felt a connection with fitness in my late teens. I struggled with body image and poor self-esteem in elementary school and junior high. I dreaded going to school. I often felt embarrassment and ridicule from peers. I knew it was wrong to treat others the way I was being treated, but lacked the voice and confidence to process those feelings in a healthy way. A friend asked me to attend an aerobics class with her and I was immediately hooked as those endorphins made me feel amazing and I felt more confident with my appearance. From that point on in my life, fitness was a priority.

As a military spouse, I was often a single parent during deployments. I found fitness even more important (and helpful) in taking care of myself physically as well as emotionally. I am a pilates, pump and bikram yoga instructor. I love group fitness and enjoy helping others. I instantly felt a connection when I learned about the MindStrength for Girls program. Now, more than ever our girls (our future) need to develop strong roots in their values, self-worth, confidence and more. I am eager to help girls facilitate these principles and ideas in their lives.



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