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An in-person weekly strength and confidence building program

Strong minds and bodies create happy, confident women and girls

What we offer

There are three programs to chose from


18+ yrs

The program for women is setup to meet weekly for 3 months at a time. We meet and start with a workout and then discuss the weekly question along with other content within our workbook. One-on-one coaching with Sarah is also available. Click the button below to schedule a free intro call to learn more about the Women's Program or one-on-one coaching.


12-18 yrs

The program for girls is designed to be a 3 part series. Each series being 6 weeks long. Core, Confidence and Connection series each shares 12 different topics for a total of 36 to discuss. Then concluding each class with a  workout and introducing the girls new ways to move their bodies.


8-11 yrs

The tween program is similar to the girls program where they have a 3 part series as well but only covers 6 topics per series for a total of 18 topics. The tween class is taught outside of a gym setting because their bodies don't need weights they just need to move so you may find it taught in the mentor's home, a park or a community center.

What are these programs like?


"When women come together and share vulnerably, laugh, and lift each other up, be a reflection and soundboard for each other, teach one another by sharing our gifts, connecting with deep and meaningful conversations... magic happens."

Katie S. - Woman participant


"Even though I don’t like talking about myself I found that as I did share parts of me with the girls that I started to be more comfortable with myself and love me for me.

It’s such an open room in there and what you are going to say stays in that room and so we got to express ourselves and how we felt about ourselves and learned how to cope if we doubted ourselves."

Taelyn B. - Girl Participant


Become a MindStrength Mentor

We're on a mission to teach and demonstrate to these women and girls practical skills and true perspectives about themselves to become more confident in their lives.

We are hiring women to join our community. Go check out what it takes to become a MindStrength Mentor for either Women, Girls, or Tween or all 3!

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Meet the Creator of MindStrength


Sarah is an author, speaker, and mindset coach for teen girls and women. She is known for her great listening skills and is an optmistic dreamer who loves to plan. She likes demonstrating and teaching others that life is an enjoyable gift. Sarah is a lifelong learner and has dramatically changed her own life through self-improvement literature, coaches, and trainings. She’s a Kettlebell and TRX trainer at her gym and is a wife and a mother of 5 children. You can find her at @sarahachap

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