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What Can MindStrength Do For You?

How women who completed the MindStrength Program rated their improvement in each of the areas of Core, Confidence and Connection.




Andrea E. of Southern Utah

Just when I needed “a fresh start” I soon realized my answer was right in front of me. I had been following Sarah on Facebook (distant friends since high school) and quickly took notice of her personal “transformation” – both in her pictures and shared thoughts/quotes. Being that we already had a lot in common, I wanted to make some subtle (yet dramatic) changes like her. I wanted to try a new workout program that would make me leaner, more “in control” of my physical body. I also wanted more energy to keep up with my three young children. And of course just be happier. I saw all of these things happening in Sarah’s life.


So I contacted her (asking if she even remembered me). And the rest is history. Not only did she teach me proper form and technique with a kettlebell, she was my personal “coach” and “cheerleader” throughout the process of preparing for my kettlebell certification.


Also during this time, I had the privilege of being part of her Mind Strength Mentor program. It was amazing to work with and get to know other women in similar but different circumstances as me. We all had our unique challenges and goals with diet/nutrition, fitness, personal life, etc. And yet we quickly realized we had so much more in common. Sarah helped us all dig deeper in to the issues we face daily, and how to tackle our weaknesses and fears head on. Mind over matter. She once told me that “life is all about practice, practice, practice.” Simple but so true. Being a perfectionist, I needed to hear it’s not about reaching the end goal right away. Enjoy the process of getting there, and know that all good things take time, and practice.


Sarah has become one of my best friends since that day I reconnected with her in July, 2014. I’m so grateful for her sincere care and interest in ME. She’s an amazing mentor and example of all good things. Her desire is only to help others achieve happiness and peace within themselves. She has given me some valuable tools and insight in getting to where I want to be.

Megan S. of Northern Utah

This experience was so different than I imagined! And much better than I anticipated. What I expected was losing weight and some support while getting a little more control over my life, but what I got out of it was so much more than that! I got the POWER back in my life.


In every area from my relationships to myself, and even organizing/managing my home. I found courage and overcame fears I didn’t even know I had. I can’t believe how different I am now. I never realized how much fear was in my life! Now I am excited when I find a fear to conquer, because I see the limitless growth behind it and I feel empowered!


Before working with Sarah, I was extremely out of balance as a mother and I was starved emotionally. I had learned how to numb myself and ignore and bury many of my feelings without even knowing it. I was a very emotional person at first, which was weird to me until I remembered I used to feel more emotions. Now I feel healthier….how did I even suppress so much before and not know it?! I think it’s because as a mom, it’s so hard to stay in balance. I got in the habit of just being busy all the time and never having time for myself. Not anymore! I now realize that it’s so important for me to take care of myself because it blesses me and the people around me so much more. I heard “love thy neighbor as thyself” before, but the “love thyself” part never really sunk in. Wow! Now I understand in ways too deep to express how much I love myself and how much that has not only blessed my life, but the lives of virtually everyone around me. I feel a much deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. I realize that committing to myself is so much more than just goal-setting (although that is important too). It’s about being the creator of my life. Literally choosing what I want and becoming that way – and it feels almost effortless!


Now, I have to warn you that it took me awhile to pull it together. It took many weeks to get all of the exercises done to where things felt smooth. So if this happens to you….if you feel confused or overwhelmed…don’t give up! Just do what you can, keep pushing yourself, and you will soon find momentum that will bring so much force, so much power, that you will be living life on a completely different plane. And the love (for myself and EVERYONE) and the incredible clarity I have felt since then has truly been life-changing. One last word of advice is to really be honest with yourself and with others in this process. You will feel connected to Sarah and the women in your group in such a beautiful and unique way. You are all working on becoming better together. You are all becoming more loving, more giving, more forgiving, more courageous….you are becoming goddesses. The power and synergy that you will achieve together is miraculous. These are your sisters in this journey – use them to help you in any way you need. There is so much power in that understanding love and support! The women in my group are kindred spirits that I have learned so much from. Sharing this experience together helped us all grow in ways we didn’t anticipate. I am a better woman because of each of them, and it meant so much to me to share this experience with them. Use that love and support. It will bless your life in so many ways.


I feel like I’m saying too much. I could talk about this experience all day. It was truly a privilege and one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am excited for you to take this journey and see the amazing things that will happen for you!

Carrie V. of Utah

Before I began Sarah’s program, I was struggling to find the confidence to speak and voice my opinion in every relationship in my life- my marriage, my friendships, my gym etc. Sarah gave me the tools to find the confidence, and essentially my voice that I was lacking and because of her program, I am now more confident than I ever have been in my life. I love her motivation and accountability. Her energy is contagious and you can feel it when you’re around her. She always strives to make me a better person. For that, I will forever be grateful.

Anonymous of Utah

I found MindStrength at a time when I was going through divorce and needed it most in my life. As I faced the reality that my marriage was over, Sarah equipped me with the tools that I need to conquer anxiety, fear and self-doubt every day. Through MindStrength, I learned the daily practices that gave me an inner confidence that I could conquer hard things. Sarah taught me that my fears are boring and that I have the power to change my life in ever area – financial, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I’ve become closer to my Savior and found a new confidence I thought I’d lost forever. Thank you Sarah!

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