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About Sarah

Sarah Chapman

MindStrength Mentor


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I’ve been married for 13 years and have 4 children.  Like most mothers, I have struggled with looking my best, having it all put together and dropping the baby weight after each child. These things consumed my thoughts daily. On top of that, like most women, I have believed that everything had to be perfect, otherwise I wasn’t ‘good enough’.

This feeling of not being good enough led to my struggle with feeling judged by everyone around me. I would walk into a room and instantly think people were judging me and it weighed me down. I would avoid going to the park with my children because I didn’t want to have my children misbehave in front of other mothers and then be judged if my kids weren’t “well-behaved” and that could only mean one thing… I wasn’t a “good enough” mom!


I finally decided to be committed to changing just ONE area of my life.  My Physical Health

Walk into a Gym

I was a home workout girl.  I thought I did okay but I knew that I needed more support and accountability to go bigger so I joined a gym.  A Kettlebell and TRX gym.

Start Kettlebell Training

I started to have a love affair, you could say, with kettlebells and I realized that if I wanted to increase my fat burning and strength, I needed to increase my intensity and consistency.

Become a Certified Kettlebell Trainer

I decided to put myself out there and do something that seemed big and scary to me. I trained and became certified to teach kettlebells as a Level 1 StrongFirst Instructor.

Look at my false beliefs

This was a huge undertaking for me because I had held on to a false belief that, “I don’t know enough to teach others”.  As I went through this process of using kettlebells as a tool to prove to myself that I did have physical and mental strength, I also got to examine all of these other false beliefs about myself that I had never before examined or “challenged” to see if they were even true.

Are they true?

As I looked deeper and asked myself the right questions, to see if these old beliefs were true, one by one I have shifted my thoughts and beliefs so that my mind actually supports me in achieving my goals instead of sabotaging my efforts.


Because of what I’ve experienced, I feel so much peace, clarity and direction. I know now how to quickly pull myself out of negative thoughts that used to so easily dominate my mind on a daily basis. I know my worth as a woman and as a daughter of God.


I know my purpose and passion and feel blessed to assist other women in discovering MindStrength to conquer any challenges, to overcome any road blocks and to be the powerful women that God intended them to be. I create an incredibly passionate, authentic and connected relationship with my husband as we together create the life we choose. I enjoy time with my children, without fear of the mistakes I will make. I accept that I will be imperfect in my role as a mother, but I am good enough.

I am loved. I am a daughter of God. I am Sarah Chapman.

Learn how to walk yourself out of your negative thoughts.