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The MindStrength Retreat

the mindstrength retreat

November 19 – 21 in Heber City, Utah

It’s time for YOU to have a “girls weekend” at The MindStrength Retreat!

Are you ready for growth, transformation and breakthroughs to allow you to FINALLY create the body, relationships and life you want?


A few times a year my husband takes over all the responsibilities of the kids and our home and allows me to take off on a “girl’s weekend”. Some women tell me “my husband would never let me be gone for that long”, but what their husband’s don’t know is that they definitely would see the benefit of making this time for you to focus on improving YOU!


 I’m super excited to invite you to join me and a very small group of women to experience a “girl’s weekend” in a nice, remote cabin in Heber City.


click on the YouTube icon to hear their experiences at the retreat

Sandra Davis

Krisann Charles

Aleece VanWagenen

Shauna Peterson

what you’ll walk away with


experience breakdowns (yes, they are painful, but lead to growth) and breakthroughs as we dig deep into emotional and psychological blocks we all have created through misinterpreted life experiences


we'll also go through several mental processes that you can use any time to walk through the negative thoughts and emotions that seem to constantly present themselves in your heart and mind


relationships play a big role in our lives and learning how to communicate authentically will help you to see that their's hope in your struggles with others


learning about the secret to mastering food, fitness and fat loss so it no longer feels like a ``chore`` or a ``someday`` goal, but becomes an easy part of your lifestyle and doing hands-on food preparation in the kitchen


listen to a few ``special guests`` who will be sharing and teaching their expertise in living a life of abundance in all areas


learn relaxation and personal connection exercises that create peace in your heart and mind as well as a space in which you can create what you really want in your life


every journey is a series of steps and one cannot move onto advanced steps until the foundational steps are mastered. You will discover your ONE thing, then focus all your attention on the next step


come with a question that you'd like answered and as a group we will find a solution because you're not the only one with the question


meet incredible women who you can add to your ``support team`` as we all need people who understand our struggles and love us as we work through our weaknesses

will you join me?

To reserve your spot, just pay $97 today and the balance of $300 will be charged to your card the week AFTER the retreat.

NO RISK: If after the retreat you don’t feel you gained $397 in value, just let me know and I won’t charge you the $300 balance.

(If you need other payment arrangements for the balance, just let me know by emailing me at Sarah@MindStrengthMentor.com and we’ll work it out!)

Reserve my Spot!


Upon your registration you will receive a gift of “The MindStrength 5 Step Process” which is my online program that addresses and eliminates the belief that has you stuck in your current situation.

 See you in the Mountains!!

Reserve my Spot!