MindStrength Mentor | The MindStrength 5 Step Process
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The MindStrength 5 Step Process 


How am I feeling right now? What are my thoughts?


Narrow on one thought. Who triggered it? What emotion or thought came?


Write out your feelings on that thought. Is it true? Do you have evidence to support its true?


How would God look down and see this situation? How would God interpret the thing that caused you to have this thought?


What do I want? What's ONE thing I can do now? Now go do that!

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Want to listen to me explaining how to use these steps?

Before you can create healthy and lasting change in your body, relationships or finances, negative thoughts must first be addressed such as:

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m fat”

“Nobody loves me”

“If he know the real me, he couldn’t possibly love me”

When we first address the core belief and it’s corresponding thought that has created our current situation, only THEN can we create new habits that will be lifelong and effect lasting change in our bodies, minds, relationship and finances.

You can’t fully love another human until you can fully love yourself. You can’t create a healthy body until you create a healthy mind.

Here is what you can expect to happen over the first 21 days:

Address and eliminate the belief that has you stuck in your current situation.

Go from large lists of failed diets and failed workout routines to imperfect, but better choices and routines without stress or judgement.

Go from forced, failing relationships to beginning to see yourself through God’s eyes and BELIEVE what he sees. An imperfect, but lovely daughter who desires to improve.

Get Access to The MindStrength 5 Step Process